autre coeur

GAN works

My digital art career started with AI, spending many hours tweaking images and passing them through the art breeder platform to create descendants of descendants of descendants until the source material was completely unrecognisable and the pieces began to take on a form of their own.

I started with an ongoing collection of GAN pieces in late 2020, a handful of which were released ad-hoc on Tezos via the hic et nunc / HEN platform, prior to moving my focus to Cardano NFTs. My journey with art breeder culminated in the release of the Mariana Peak collection across the weekend of the Cardano Summit in 2021.

I have since created a limited run of AI generated images for GOAT Tribe, entitled 'Psy GOATS' and making use of the MidJourney application.

Whilst I enjoy the output of AI models and find fascination in certain CLIP guided diffusion works, the process of creating AI art especially without bespoke tools, is too far removed from me as a person. I much prefer working with code where I can exert control over the output and endlessly fine-tune a work to be exactly as I want it, or understand and embrace the happy accidents that result from mistakes or bugs.