autre coeur

Other works

This is a collection of illustration works outside of main projects. Included here are selected practice pieces and 1/1s.

Photoshop painting of a grizzly bear

These grizzly bear images were created in early 2022. The pieces started as a way for me to learn digital painting, as I closely followed an Aaron Blaise course on the subject. I then re-drew the Photoshop painting in Illustrator as a clean vector and combined with a simple turquoise circle placed over a colour filtered AI generated image which was created using CLIP Guided Diffusion.

Photoshop painting of an owl

Prior to the grizzly bear, my first attempt at digital painting was the drawing of this owl, also made using Photoshop. Again, I was following the guidance of Aaron Blaise and this piece remains a favourite of mine.

traditional oil painting of a stag

After leaving college, as I became more imbued with the world of work I seemed to forget any joy or talent I had in art. Despite maintaining a healthy passion for acousmatic music production, I stopped drawing and painting.

Perhaps the first piece I painted since leaving college is this acrylic on canvas painting of a stag which I did in around 2018. The piece was drawn from an outline projected onto a canvas already featuring several layers of paint and prepared with white gesso, providing a rich texture. The outline was then painted in using watered down acrylic paint.

The plan was always to paint the stag in using oils, but the piece has somehow made its way onto the wall of our home in this state, where it has been hanging for several years now.

Despite being immersed in the world of digital painting, illustration and code, I have every intention of returning to physical painting as a form of expression.

GOAT Tribe Specials

Aside from illustrating the main collection for GOAT Tribe, I have also drawn numerous 1/1 pieces for collaborations, special events and as tributes to the wider NFT community.

GOAT Tribe Singularity collab piece
Cryptoverse Comics
GOAT Tribe ADA Ninjaz collab piece
ADA Ninjaz
Pixl Page collab piece
Pixl Page
Cardano Space giveaway 1
Cardano Space 1
Cardano Space giveaway 2
Cardano Space 2
Cardano Space giveaway top prize
Cardano Space GOAT
Charles Hoskinson GOAT
Charles Hoskinson GOAT
Baphomet GOAT
Baphomet style GOAT
Jeremy Firster GOAT
Jeremy Firster GOAT
Justin GOAT
Justin (NFT Alpha) GOAT
Deezy GOAT
Deezy (NFT Alpha) GOAT