The unfolding collection encapsulates more than a mere exploration of form and aesthetic. It represents a study in constant motion and dynamic interaction.

Every piece in the collection is a testimony to the pursuit of form and aesthetic. As the creator, I've attempted to break free from the confines of the conventional, seeking inspiration from the fluid motion of arc wedges. As part of a stylistic follow-up to O, unfolding encapsulates the spirit of transience and perpetual change.

Just as in O, each piece features a distinctive colour scheme, sometimes more vivid than the palette, resulting from layer blending. However, in unfolding palette selection was dictated purely by aesthetics, with incidental blending leading to unexpected deviations.

Arc Wedges

The cornerstone of each artwork lies in arc wedges which continually revolve, either clockwise or anti-clockwise. Depending on the piece, there can be a multiplicity of arcs, set in various arrangements. Within tight constraints, randomness defines the diameter and placement of these arcs, leading to the birth of unique designs that play with subsequent layers, providing contrast as they pass above / below each other evoking abstract forms and lending a complexity to the compositions.

Randomised start and end points guide the creation of arcs, with their diameters emanating from the centre of each piece, though not uniformly.

Building the collection

Unfolding was initially constructed within an html document using vanilla JavaScript. This code was then adapted to work with BlockGen’s Construct platform, enabling me to quickly latch on to variables which could be used as piece properties and generate hundreds of variations for curation as the final collection.

Creating this collection has been an exhilarating journey. Almost a year and countless abandoned pieces after O, unfolding is my tribute to the ceaseless rotation of life and beauty. By creating pieces that encapsulate the transient nature of things, viewers gain a snapshot of an ever-ongoing process, an artistic rendering that hints at the broader scope of continuous change.

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