Generative works

My journey into the world of generative art began as a natural progression from AI art, driven by a deep interest in combining coding and artistic expression. It all started with a fascination for the generative nature of mass PFP (Profile Picture) collections, which inspired me to explore the realm of creating art pieces that could truly exist on-chain. The challenge of pushing the boundaries within the constraints of the 16kb transaction size on the Cardano blockchain further fueled my passion for creating interactive works.

Unlike my earlier experiences with AI art, which involved extensive tweaking and manipulation of images through platforms like artbreeder, coding on-chain pieces provided me with a new avenue for artistic exploration.

While my artistic journey began with a collection of GAN pieces in late 2020, with a few releases on the Tezos platform via hic et nunc (HEN), my focus eventually shifted to Cardano NFTs because of their unique on-chain possibilities.

I continue to work passionately with code where I can exert control over the output and endlessly fine-tune a work to be exactly as I want it, or understand and embrace the happy accidents that result from mistakes or bugs.