autre coeur


Illustration is where I started as an artist. Before learning to code, hanging out in the library after school at age 11 I was very keen on drawing, emulating the style of favourites such as Ren & Stimpy and Earthworm Jim and often aiming to inspire shock and awe in my parents.

My most notable achievements to date include founding and illustrating GOAT Tribe, my own '10k PFP' concept and in June of 2022 being commissioned to produce a generative collection of creatures to mark the graduation of the EMBA Cohort 20 from QUT in collaboration with MIT Sloan. I continue to practice illustration and hone my style.

Alongside the crisp, groomed lines of illustration I also enjoy drawing / digital painting with a more expressive style with programs such as Photoshop and Procreate, which often help refine ideas to be recreated in code.