A collection of fully on-chain
generative NFTs



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I am a multimedia artist hailing from North Yorkshire, harbouring an intrinsic passion for coding, development and the intricacies of illustration. Fusing these facets, my artwork is a testament to the harmony that can be found between meticulous control and the unpredictable beauty of randomness. Embracing constraints, my work draws charm from the chaos, creating texture and depth within the clean confines of digital lines and structures.

My creations have found homes with art enthusiasts across the globe, bearing witness to diverse cultures and individual interpretations. A proud moment in my artistic journey was when my work was exhibited at the prestigious NFT gallery during the Cardano Summit 2022, held in Lausanne. This followed another display of my earlier works at the Cardano Hotel in Barcelona, as part of the Cardano Summit 2021.

The beauty of art lies in its shared experience, and I always look forward to collaborating with fellow artists, institutions, and individuals passionate about art. Whether you'd like to discuss a potential commission, partnership, or simply wish to satiate an artistic query, I welcome you to get in touch. I'm always eager to explore new perspectives, embark on creative adventures, and continue contributing to the evolving conversation that is art.

If you would like to collaborate, commission or have a general enquiry please get in touch.